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What Are The Advantages of Using Peracetic Acid (PAA)?

There are many antimicrobial options readily available, however, using Peracetic Acid has a variety of advantages.  Keep reading here for a list of those advantages below.

peracetic acid uses
  • Highly effective biocide
    • It is an effective broad-spectrum biocide which continues to keep up with increasingly high standards of environmental legislation and disinfection practices.
  • Chlorine & phosphate free
  • Versatile
    • Due to its low impact, yet powerful cleansing properties, peracetic acid can be used as an EPA Registered Sanitizer and Disinfectant or an FDA Accepted antimicrobial.
  • Long shelf life
    • Based on the concentration, PAA has a shelf life that can range from 6 months to 2 years.
  • Multiple Concentrations
    • Since PAA is an equilibrium product, it can be formulated to have varying concentration levels
  • Environmentally friendly
    • PAA kills on contact and immediately breaks down into oxygen and water leaving no residue, eliminating the need to rinse.

For more information on our Peracetic Acid products and advantages keep reading here.

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