Peracetic Acid FAQs

Peroxyacetic Acid is a non-foaming, fast acting, free rinsing sanitizer. The active ingredient, also known as Peracetic Acid or simply PAA, is a broad spectrum anti-microbial agent ideal for sanitation in the food and beverage industry, and chlorine-free bleaching in the laundry and pulp & paper industries. Peracetic acid is also used as a biocide in water treatment and as a sanitizer in healthcare applications.

Unlike Hydrogen Peroxide, peracetic acid remains effective in the presence of catalase and peroxidase, and is safe for non-rinse food applications, leaving only biodegradable residues. Biosan LLC manufacturers peracetic acid products in various concentrations for a variety of applications. Biosan peracetic acid products are both EPA registered and FDA accepted.

Biosan peracetic acid is particularly suitable in applications such as spraying, soaking, circulation or flooding applications designed to sanitize pre-cleaned, hard surfaces such as utensils, glass and plastic bottles and containers, walls, floors, drains, pipes and equipment in dairy, beverage, brewery, winery, egg, food processing plants and other clean-in-place (CIP) processes. Today, peracetic acid plays a major role in safe food production especially in the process of poultry, red meat, seafood and produce.

Peroxyacetic acid can be used directly and indirectly on raw or processed meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables as an Antimicrobial. Biosan LLC has received its Food Contact Notification Number (FCN) for its peracetic acid products.

  • Fish and other seafood products are sanitized by coming in contact with water or ice containing peracetic acid sanitizer.
  • Fruits and vegetables are put through spray, dip and brush washers containing the peracetic acid.
  • In pulp & paper applications, it is an effective biocide that uses the strong oxidizing properties of peracetic acid to prevent bio-film or “slime” formation. In turn, it is a proactive odor eliminator generated by bacteria in paper mills.
  • At low temperatures over a wide pH range it makes an ideal bleaching agent for the pulp and paper industry. The resulting paper products reach and maintain their brightness goals without yellowing.
    The combination of sanitizing and bleaching properties make PAA an ideal product for use in industrial laundry applications that provide services to hotels, restaurants, medical facilities and food processing industries. The strength of the product means that only a small amount is required to be added to a washing machine to attain desired results. It is a chlorine free and environmentally friendly bleaching agent. Biosan’s OXYSAN product was especially formulated for the laundry industry. It is a product that can be used at low temperatures making make it ideal for energy saving cold water washing.
  • Peracetic acid will treat industrial and municipal waste water, recycled, RO and cooling water, as well as sanitize sewage waste. It prevents biofilm and odor formation by eliminating algae, mussel larva, legionella and other bacteria.
  • Peracetic acid’s ease of use eliminates expensive capital costs associated with UV, Ozone or Chlorine Dioxide. PAA is not chlorinated and has biodegradable decomposition products.
  • Peracetic acid helps with light solid floating clarifiers and improve effectiveness of heat exchangers.
  • Peracetic acid is useful for beverage, brewery, winery, egg, food processing plants and other clean-in-place (CIP) processes.
  • Peracetic acid is useful in water treatment plants that involve chemical separation of contaminants found in process effluent.
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Biosan, LLC is a peracetic acid supplier for the food and beverage, laundry, waste water and agriculture/horticulture industries. For more information about peracetic acid from Biosan, LLC, please contact us today.

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