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Peracetic Acid Industrial Use

peracetic acid waste water treatment

OXYSAN Sanitizers such as OXYSAN and OXYSAN 15 are highly effective, economical and environmentally acceptable peracetic acid liquid products that are registered by the EPA for use in the USA.

      • Pulp & Paper
        • For use in the manufacture of paper and paperboard. A clean and environmentally accepted bleaching agent intended for food and non-food contact. For control of bacterial, fungal and yeast growth in pulp, paper and paperboard process water and influent systems. Control of bacteria and fungi in dispersed pigments and in coating preservation.
      • Water Treatment
        • Control of slime forming bacteria and biofouling in recirculating cooling water systems, (cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and air washers) nonfood contact water systems, recreational and ornamental water features.
      • Waste Water Treatment
        • For the treatment, disinfection & microbial control in sewage and wastewater effluent treatment plants. Water damage restoration, sewer back up and river flooding, pipeline and tank maintenance.
      • Oil & Gas
        • For the preservation of drilling muds, workover and completion fluids and other products susceptible to contamination. Oil & Gas Secondary Oil Recovery Systems.
          • Drilling Muds
          • Fracturing Fluids
          • Well Squeezed Fluids
          • Flooding Injection & Produced Water
      • Reverse Osmosis Cleaning
        • For use in the sanitization of ultra-filtration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and their associated piping systems.


Biosan, LLC is a peracetic acid supplier for the food and beverage, laundry, waste water and agriculture/horticulture industries. For more information about peracetic acid from Biosan, LLC, please contact us today.

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