EPA-Registered Products

Biosan manufactures EPA Registered Peracetic Acid that has outstanding disinfection, sanitizing and oxidation properties that also acts as a potent biocide. As industries across the globe face a difficult task with rising standards for sanitation, we are here to help.  

Our range of EPA Registered peracetic acid solutions can be used for a multitude of applications including: circulation, industrial sanitizing of equipment, disinfectant and bleaching agent in laundry applications, waste water treatment.

Our EPA Registered Products

  • Asset 1WM_2019BoatShow_NoPaymentsSeal2 The multifunctional OXYSAN Acid Sanitizer is a 5.3% Peracetic Acid solution that can be used in a wide range of industries and is registered by the EPA for use in the United States.
  • Asset 1WM_2019BoatShow_NoPaymentsSeal2 The authoritative OXYSTRIKE is a 5.3% Peracetic Acid solution with a PUNCH of nitric acid to prevent build of beer stone, milk stone, lime stone, additional proteins, phosphate scale with the proven sanitizing efficacy.
  • Asset 1WM_2019BoatShow_NoPaymentsSeal2 OXYSAN 15 Acid Sanitizer is packed with 16% peracetic acid and 10.5% hydrogen peroxide that can be used in circulation cleaning and institutional industrial sanitizing of pre-cleaned hard, non-porus food contact surfaces and equipment such as tanks, pipelines, evaporators, fillers, pasteurizers, aseptic equipment and more.
  • Asset 1WM_2019BoatShow_NoPaymentsSeal2 OXYSAN 1522 Acid Sanitizer is packed with 16% peracetic acid and 22% hydrogen peroxide that can be used in flume washing and the sanitation of conveyors, slicers, agriculture applications and more.
OxySan 25 Logo
  • Asset 1WM_2019BoatShow_NoPaymentsSeal2 OXYSAN 25 is a peracetic acid based micro-biocide for use in Oilfield & Gas Field Well Operations, Biofouling control in Pulp & Paper Water systems, Control of Slime Forming Bacteria and Biofouling of Non-Public Health Recirculating, Agricultural, Wastewater Treatment plants and Fruit & Vegetable process Waters to control Non-Public Health Bacteria, Fungi, Slime and Odor.

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