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What Applications Can Use Peracetic Acid?

Peracetic Acid

Since peroxyacetic acid is an equilibrium product, it can be formulated to have varying concentrations of PAA and hydrogen peroxide. Consequently, this allows PAA to be extremely versatile and used in an array of industries and different applications.

Here are some industries where the applications can be used:

Farming: Sanitizer in agricultural & poultry premises. Sanitizer to treat animal diseases by controlling pathogenic micro-organisms

Food & Beverage: Antimicrobial, disinfectant and sanitizer within commercial food establishments and processing equipment, brewery manufacturing processes and wineries.

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Industrial Cleaning: Quickly becoming a viable alternative in sanitization to Sodium Hypochlorite as it does not react with proteins to produce toxic or carcinogenic compounds.

Pulp & Paper: Antimicrobial and bleaching agent in pulp industries

Dairy: Sanitizer in dairy & cheese processing plants and pasteurizers

Healthcare: Potent virucide for sanitizing of medical facilities.

Oil & Gas: Antimicrobial use with treatment fluids in oilfield and gas field well operations such as well drilling, fracturing, productivity enhancement and secondary recovery.

Laundry: Used as a bleaching agent, sanitizer, disinfectant and oxidizer in commercial and industrial laundry tunnel washers.

Waste Water

Waste Water:PAA plays an important role in the treatment of wastewater. It’s used to control bacteria and inhibit microbes during the treatment process.

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Paracetic Acid products