Food and Beverage

PERACETIC ACID for food & beverage

BIOSAN 1510 & 2205 are FDA-accepted peroxyacetic acid-based microbicide products developed for use in a variety of poultry intervention points in federally-inspected meat, poultry, and seafood processing locations in the USA. If used as directed, BIOSAN will help reduce contamination and cross-contamination of edible food products. Their use is acceptable for direct or indirect contact in or on food, including fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and poultry in accordance with 21 CFR 173.370 and 21 CRF 173.315.For use on meat and poultry, BIOSAN 1510 and 2205 comply with the FDA and the FSIS regulations in accordance with FCN#1639. If used at the maximum label concentration of Peracetic Acid, the ingredients will not exceed the maximum limit threshold as established by the FDA as specified in the FCN.BIOSAN 1510 & 2205 are highly concentrated antimicrobials and exhibit high level efficacy against Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella as well as many other pathogens. Using Biosans industry leading products will boost confidence knowing each of our products:

          • Rapid Action
          • No toxic residues
          • Effective against a broad spectrum
            of microorganisms
          • Safe decomposition products
          • Operates over a wide temperature range
          • No disposal problems
          • Non-foaming
          • No post treatment rinsing required
          • Can be fogged
          • Easy to use
          • Cost effective

◦ Meat, Poultry, & Seafood Processing
Peracetic acid from Biosan LLC can be used to sanitize non-porous food
contact surfaces and food processing equipment

◦ Fruit & Vegetable Processing
Peracetic acid microbicides BIOSAN 1510 and BIOSAN 2205 can be used
as intervention chemicals in fruit and vegetable process waters to
reduce pathogenic food-borne bacteria

◦ Milk & Dairy Processing 
Peracetic acid from Biosan can be used to control microorganisms
responsible for spoilage of dairy products as well as sanitizing food
process equipment and bottle rinse.

◦ Aseptic Packaging
For use in aseptic food processing on food packaging materials to
achieve commercial sterility.